International Yoga Day 2024 at Excellent

Mr. Jagadeesh Bangera, a yoga demonstrator and campaigner from Oman, said, “Yoga is a holistic approach to health.It brings energy to mind and body which makes a person cheerful”. Daily practice of yoga keeps an individual from health problems. Speaking during the celebration of World Yoga day at Excellent Educational Institutions, Bangera said, ‘Yoga is manual for our life’. People all over the world are turning to yoga to maintain their physical and mental health.Yoga contributes not only to personal health but also to social progress. He stated that Yoga emphasizes the relationship between individual and collective health. So, yoga is very important for life. Rashmita Jain, the Secretary of Excellent Educational Institutions who presided over the program, opined, “Yoga is our Indian culture, a ritual. The practice of yoga, which has come from the sages, should not be limited to just for one day, it should be a part of our life every day”. Mrs.Shweta Prabhu, Mrs.Veena Rohit Kumar and Mr.Raviprakash Bhatt from Sanskruti Yoga Team of Muscat arrived as trainers and guided students to exhibit all the poses of yoga. Excellent English Medium School Headmaster ShivaPrasad Bhat, Central School Principal Suresh, Asst. Headmaster Mr.Jayasheela,NCC coordinator Mahendra Jain, NSS coordinator Tejaswi Bhat, Rangers Rovers coordinator Mrs.Sandhya and Pradeep and Red Cross coordinator Prashanth Shetty were present in the program. Students of Excellent English Medium School and Excellent Central School performed a variety of yoga dances.Mr. Prasad, Educational Coordinator of Excellent Central School introduced the chief guest. Kumari Sudhashree anchored the program, Dhaivik and Yashawini extended welcome and vote of thanks respectively.