Talent Exhibition - Excellent State and CBSE Students

Mr.Walter Nandalike, founder, Daijiworld Media Network,said, “Education has the power to change society. You must have dreams like UPSC, IAS, IPS.The guru who taught you should give standing ovations, in such a way you should be recognised in the society”. Speaking during the inaugural program of cultural activities held at the Excellent Educational Institutions at Kallabettu, Moodbidri. Walter said, “Everyone has their own talents. Never miss the opportunities that come your way. There is no limit to skill and talent. Recognize the talent within you and opportunities taken will not be available again”. Rashmita Jain, Secretary, Excellent Educational Institutions, said, “Talent is a gift from God. If you have faith in yourself you will never fail. Unveil the talent you have without any hesitation”. The Chief Guest, Virupakshappa, BEO of Moodbidri,stated that, “Education is not just about reading books and getting a rank, it encompasses the wider person. School has the power to make a child a better person. Along with getting rank, good values should be cultivated in life. All the achievers involved themselves in curricular and extra curricular activities. Let them be a role model for you all”. Yuvraj Jain, President of Excellent Educational Institutions, presided over the program and said, “Art is the power to change lives. It never leaves man. In life it is not important to get the award but to take advantage of the opportunities”. He further noted, “In addition to reading, participate in other artistic activities. Learn as much as you can. Don't live a tedious life like you have nothing. Pursue practice and excel in your field of interest”. He said that you will get opportunities to unveil your talents in the society, make good use of them. Coaches of various activities such as Rashmita, Bharatanatyam, Sarfraz, Karate, Soundarya UK,Chess, Rupesh Kumar,Dance, Purnima Gore Music, Mahaveer Pandi, Yakshagana, Chandrashekhar Acharya, Chende, Gauri Prasad,Tabla, Bhaskar Nellyadi, art and drawing,Chetana Shetty ,Craft, and School Headmaster Shiva Prasad Bhatt, Central School Principal Suresh, Managing director Dr. Sampath Kumar, were present. On the same occasion, Shubhanjana Bhat of Beluvai, who achieved in various cultural fields at a young age, was felicitated. Internationally recognized karate student Sumit Shetty and karate trainer Sarfraz were felicitated. Asst Headmaster, Jayasheela introduced the guests. Kumari Sanjal anchored the program. Kumari Rashmita and Kumari Bhuvana extended welcome and vote of thanks respectively.